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Hi. I am Praveen. I am a photographer.
I capture life.moments.happiness.emotions.action.impression.beauty.

Professional Photographer in Bangalore

It is all about moments. No matter how big or small, when you look at a moment captured in a photograph, you’re bound to be flooded with emotions of love, laughter and nostalgia.

I am Praveen, professional photographer in Bangalore and I am on the hunt to capture these moments for you for a lifetime.
For me, it’s all about telling stories through photographs. From shooting weddings and concert events to telling stories for corporates and families, I am someone who loves the art form and have been pursuing it for 9 years now.

I am a goal-oriented photographer and a crucial part of my process includes sitting down with my clients to understand the story they bring to the table. A path-breaking idea, a creative perspective or a raw representation of an important life event – it all starts with understanding the power of the story and then, to tell that story using my signature style.


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