Pre-wedding Photography in Bangalore

For me, pre-wedding shoots are a great way to get to know the couple and have some fun while at it. I think this bond goes a long way in giving the couple the kind of end-result that they would be truly excited and satisfied by. It is also a great way for a couple to get photographed together, minus the heavy wedding attire or ornaments. These photos are also great to use as part of a wedding invite or to create wedding keepsakes too. The wonderful thing about a pre-wedding photography shoot is that it can be as real and raw or as dramatic and fancy as the couple chooses it to be. Being a profession pre-wedding photographer in Bangalore, The satisfaction that comes with a couple thanking me for suggesting locations, outfits or photography compositions that suit their style is unbeatable. From a photographers creative point of view, I find the entire process of a pre-wedding shoot equally liberating and challenging at the same time.